Purple vs Lull vs Amerisleep vs Helix vs Casper

How is a mattress suitable for heavy people? Is it important to choose a suitable mattress for the user? Many studies have shown that if you choose a suitable mattress will help you sleep better, deeper without interruption. This is even more important for those who have difficulty falling asleep due to back pain. In order to easily select a product that is suitable for you, please refer to the following information. We will introduce to our customers the best mattresses today with many convenient.Purple vs Lull vs Amerisleep vs Helix vs Casper 2018

Top Mattress are suitable for heavy people

A mattress suitable for heavy people is a well-dispersed mattress. The contact point between the person and the cushion creates a force at a fixed position or lying, and if there is no effective dispersion system, the cushion will be very slippery, subsided and heavier, this is easy to happen for who is heavy. Therefore, we recommend that you choose the right mattress to use to bring good sleep. Some high-end products for your reference:

1. Helix review

Firstly, a quality product you should not ignore that is Helix. A product suitable for two users. This mattress has price is $995.00 & FREE Shipping for those who purchase at Amazon.

  • The product is manufactured by modern technology to create high quality mattresses to ensure users have good sleep.
  • You will have a 100 night trial with Helix. If you are not satisfied with the product that can be free returned. This product is made to order by customers and within 1-2 weeks you will receive this mattress after ordering.
  • The mattress is 10 inches thick with 3 main layers made of high quality foam. Certified products are made from safe materials that do not harm the environment and users.
  • Helix is fitted with standard queen size beds.

2. Purple review

The second product we introduced to everyone was Purple. This is also a quality product you should not ignore. This mattress has price is $999.00 & FREE Shipping for all customers who buy at Amazon.

  • A suitable mattress for weight-conscious people is effective dispersion. Purple is an appropriate product to help disperse the force and support the body weight of the user. After a long day you will need comfortable sleep. And this product helps you do that with many outstanding features.
  • The mattress is designed from a modern technology to create the isolation of movement. It means that when you are sleeping and someone moving on the mattress, this will not affect your lying position,  your sleep. This is done thanks to the special material of the product.
  • The product is made with intelligent heat sink. The mattress with advanced foam material makes it easier to balance the temperature between it and user. So you will always feel comfortable using this mattress.
  • First of all the product is certified by the CertiPUR-US® Certified program for the safety of the user and the environment. So you can safely use the product without worrying about your health. In addition, the high-grade foam material contains natural essential oils to help deodorize and anti-bacteria effectively.
  • The product consists of two layers of polyurethane foam to create a smooth feel. Therefore, when you sit down or lie down without being too deep, there are basic elastic supports for your body weight.

3. Lull review

Next product we would like to introduce to you is Lull. One of the best-selling memory foam products today. With $800.00 you can have this mattress.

  • Only products sold on Amazon have a 100-day trial period and a free refund if customers are not satisfied with this product.
  • Lull is made of 3 main layers made of high-grade memory foam to create comfortable sleep.
  • You will save 70% if you buy this product at Amazon.
  • 100 to the free product experience to help you choose the product that best suits you faster.
  • When you purchase at Amazon, you will be shipped free of charge. With high technology, we can compress and roll the mattress to make it easier to move.

4. AmeriSleep review

The fourth product that gets a lot of attention from everyone is AmeriSleep. A mattress product made of high-grade memory foam with standard process. This mattress has price is $1,099.00.

  • The mattress is made from high-grade memory foam 12 inches thick. The product is flexible enough to provide maximum support to the user, especially for those who often change the positions when sleeping.
  • AmeriSleep is made up of three main layers, including a 3 inch thick memory foam pad located at the top. The last layer is 7 inches thick which helps to support the weight of the human body. And the middle layer is 2 inches thick.
  • The cover is made of special materials that make it easier for you to go to sleep.
  • Made in USA with modern technology. This mattress is suitable for adjustable bed frames.

5. Casper review

The final product for your reference is Casper. Continued is a product made from high-performance memory foam with standard process. This mattress has price is $600.00.

  • When you receive the product you should wait about 3 days for the mattress to return to its original shape, next to it is completely foul odor.
  • With Casper you will be given 100 days of trial and will be refunded within 100 days. (Note applies only to products purchased from Amazon.) Especially the product is also guaranteed for 10 years for all customers.
  • The product is made of 4 layers made of high quality memory foam with different functions. There will be a layer to help support the body weight of the user. And usually the top foam layer will help to disperse the tempurature of the user most effectively. So when you sleep you always feel cool and comfortable.
  • The special feature of this product is that it does not contain toxic chemicals to the environment or its users. Therefore, this product is suitable for all users, a product that is very friendly for environment.
  • Casper is a well-known brand with many top quality products recognized by major magazines such as Forbes, Time, The Gander or The New York Times…

It is generally noted that all these products are not shipped to Vietnam. So if you have a need to purchase please contact the other sales address. So we have introduced you the best product suitable for all users. Choose the right mattress to get a good night’s sleep to create energy for a new day. With good sleeps will make you healthier and happier.

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