Lull vs Leesa vs Helix vs Tempurpedic

Modern humans are easier to become obesity because they are less active. And for those who are so heavy, not only walking but resting is also a problem. That is reason why you should have a reasonable mattress to help you sleep well. But not all products are good enough to help you sleep better as sleep like the dead. So how to choose the type of mattress to sleep as desired? Let’s find out some high quality mattress products sold recently. These are mattresses suitable for those with an oversized body.Lull vs Leesa vs Helix vs Tempurpedic

1. Lull review

First of all, we want to introduce to you a  high quality product that gives users deep sleep. This mattress has price is $800.00.

  • This product is only available on Amazon. And with this premium product you will have 100 days of trial. If you are not satisfied with this mattress you can pay back within 100 days of purchase.
  • Lull is designed with 3 layers of high technology. So it will give the user a good  sleep at night.
  • Compared to other retail products, when you buy Lull at Amazon, you save up to 70%.
  • Customers enjoy the first 100 free products to experience the quality of the product. You are entitled to a free replacement if you do not like this product.
  • Especially this product is free shipping for all customers. We support shipment to your home address. The mattress is made of special materials that can be easily rolled and pressed for easy transport.
  • But you should also note that this product is not shipped to Vietnam. So if you want to buy this product can find out at some other address.

2. Leesa review

Second product we would like to introduce to you is Leesa. This is one of the high quality products that receive a lot of positive feedback from consumers. With $840.00 you can have this mattress (it was: $940.00). So you can save $100.00 (11%) with this price.

  • The mattress is designed with luxurious exterior and comfortable feeling when the user lies down.
  • Leesa is composed of high-grade memory foam material consisting of 3 main layers. This smart design makes the user feel very relaxed when lying down. So you will have good sleep with this high quality mattress.
  • Products are manufactured with standard procedures in the US. This is also one of the top selling products in the US.
  • With Leesa you have 100 nights to try it out for free. And if you are not satisfied with the quality of the product that can be returned in this time.
  • With 10 mattresses sold, it will contribute to helping homeless people with a mattress to sleep.
  • Top 1 Mattress on with 5 star

3. Helix review

The third quality product we introduce to all consumers is Helix. A product made from high-grade foam to give the user a comfortable feeling. And this product is priced at $ 995.00 & FREE Shipping.

  • The mattress is manufactured by standard processes with modern technology. So when using this product will bring you the most comfortable feeling. The mattress is suitable for one or two users.
  • Helix is a premium product manufactured under consumer orders. Within 7 – 14 days you will receive the product after delivery. And especially you will have 100 days of trial. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it free of charge within that 100 day period.
  • The mattress is made of high quality foam material consisting of 3 main layers 10 inches thick. The product is certified to be safe for the user and the environment.
  • The product is designed to fit any standard Queen bed frame.

Helix is exactly a high quality product that is suitable for every user whether you have problems with back or oversize body. Just choosing the right product will give you plenty of sleep.

4. TempurPeDic review

And the last product we would like to introduce to you is TempurPedic. The mattress has price is $1,299.00. A reasonable price to get a high quality product to sleep.

This is a high quality product made from 10 inch TEMPUR-ES material. This material has enough elasticity to help support your body weight maximum when lying down. A product really suited to heavy people.

The mattress has a Comfort layrer with enough thickness to create a soft feel for the user. Maximum personal weight support should give you plenty of good sleep.

TempurePedic has a SmartClimate system that helps regulate the body temperature efficiently. So when you sleep will not feel too hot, you will always feel comfortable.

The mattress is luxuriously designed with premium gray fabric. The cover is also smartly designed to be easily removed for washing.

The product is made from high-grade foam with many layers. In it there is a base layer to increase the efficiency of heat dissipation to help users sleep better.

Customers should note that these products are not shipped to Vietnam. So if you have a need to buy these products please contact some other international shipping service. So you understand how is important of choosing the right mattress. Let find out and choose the best mattress for yourself. You will have more best sleep when using the right mattress.

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