Best Mattress 2018 Posturepedic vs Purple Vs Tempurpedic

How to get good sleep for back pain? Patients with back pain often suffer from sleeplessness, sleep disorders caused by uncomfortable aches and pains. And this has a bad effect on their sleep state. Some studies have shown that to get a good night’s sleep you should have a good mattress. A mattress with moderate elasticity gives you uninterrupted sleep.

Top 3 Best Mattress 2018

Best Mattress 2018 Posturepedic vs Purple Vs Tempurpedic

Top 3 Best Mattress 2018 is Posturepedic, Tempurpedic and Purple. So, We will read full reviews of Posturepedic vs Tempurpedic vs Purple. With the meaning of a good mattress to the sleep of people with back pain we will introduce you some quality products to help you sleep better – Mattress1000 said

1. Purple review

This is a high quality product that gives users many benefits. The mattress is $ 999.00 & FREE Shipping. But note that this product does not ship to Vietnam. Some of the noteworthy advantages of this product are:

  • After a long day you need a good sleep to restore energy for yourself. And for people with back or spine problems, a good sleep is more important for them. This is exactly the right product for you when you want a good night’s sleep.
  • The mattress is specially designed to provide moderate elasticity. So if other people moving, they will not affect to your sleep or interrupt your sleep. Thanks to its elasticity, the cushion supports weight of your body when lying down.
  • Purple is a quality product when it comes to modern radiators. It also helps regulate body temperature. So when you sleep you will not feel too hot or uncomfortable.
  • This is a certified product that is safe for environment and users. So Purple is a product that is suitable for all users. More specifically, the mattress is made from high-grade memory foam which has natural anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties.
  • The mattress is made of layers made of high quality materials and extremely safe. So it will support the force of the body up. Besides, this material also allows you to fold or roll up the easiest way.

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2. Posturepedic

The second product we would like to introduce to you is Posturepedic. This is one of the high quality designs to help you sleep better. About this matress’ advantages:

  • The 10.5 inch thick mattress is made of high-grade memory foam. This gives you the most comfortable feeling when lying on.
  • The product is made from the standard process to give users the most utility when using it.
  • Seure Posturepedic is specially designed with a 2.5 “Solid Edge System. So when you sleep or sit up you feel the elasticity just right.
  • The mattress also has gel layers to help you sleep well, without interruption.
  • The mattress is produced in the United States with standard procedures. With this product you will have the warranty package within 10 years.

This product is priced at $ 579.00 and does not ship to Vietnam. So you should look for some other international shipping locations to buy it.

3. Tempurpedic

The last one that we want to introduce to you is Tempurepedic. This is also one of the high quality products that give you good sleep. The mattress topper is priced at $ 288.28 (It was $399.00) So with this price you can save $110.72 (28%).

  • The mattress topper is composed of materials with 80% Polyester and the remaining 20% is Propylene
  • Products are manufactured in the United States with standard procedures. The products for all users are high quality products.
  • This is a quality product made from 100% TEMPUR-material with a thickness of 3 inches.
  • This is a product that will help you improve the comfort of other spring mattresses. This means that you use this topper at the top of the mattress to create comfortable sleep.
  • The product has many other advantages as the design is easy to disassemble for washing. Besides, there are anti-bacterial and odorants which are very safe for the user.
  • Tempurpedic is really an ideal product for camping or going out. Products have measures are: 60″ W x 80″ L.

Above are some popular products are now quite a lot of people choose. When you choose the right mattress, it means that you help to improve your sleeps become better. Especially for those with back pain, it is more necessary to choose a good mattress like these to use.

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